Maritime Operations System

Our goal is to optimise marine operations in a constantly changing environment and to develop the most suitable hardware for these operations.

This is why we have created the Maritime Operations System or MOS. A modular system collects ship data using different plug-and-play sensor modules on board. This data is combined with publicly available data on e.g. weather conditions. Together, the data is used for analysis of your ships’ operations, so that you get live insights into fuel consumption, engine status, ship motions, maintenance risks, and much more.

With MOS, you can maximise the efficiency of your fleet.

The insights are not only presented in a live dashboard, but are also used for regular status reports, which are delivered straight to your e-mail inbox. These reportsĀ  contain a broad overview of your fleet performance and show key figures per ship and route.

Predictions for your Maritime Operations can be included in the analysis, so you can plan ahead of events.

Our modular system enables us to tailor the system for your needs. Different sensors can be installed per customer and ship. As end user, you can easily add or remove insights that are presented in your live dashboard environment.

MOS has been developed in cooperation with Watertaxi Rotterdam. Would you like to know how MOS can increase your profit margin? Please contact us via the form below or send an e-mail to We will get in touch with you as soon as we read your message.