Photos and Videos

Some photos and videos of the boat and the project can be found here.

Here the Solar Boat sails in Monaco. It flies very elegantly through the waves on its two hydrofoils. In the Monaco Solar1 Races the boat achieved an overall second place and was awarded the Riva Beauty Award.

Testing phase

Below are a few videos we made during our testing phase.

Demonstration height control

The first video shows a demonstration of the height control system of the Solar Boat 2016. The buzzing sound is the ultrasonic height sensor. The front wing angle of attack changes clearly when the height sensor output changes.

pilot training sinusoidal steering

To obtain usable data, our pilot had to steer in constant sinusoidal motion with several different frequencies. This is not easy, so some practice was required: see the video below.  We found that the pilot was not able to steer with frequencies above ca. 2 Hz.

Testing with steering frequency 0.5 Hz

This movie shows a test run that was done to collect data for the validation of the dynamical model. You can see that the pilot is steering at a constant frequency of 0.5 Hz.

Testing with steering frequency 2 Hz

The pilot tries to steer with a frequency of 2 Hz. It is hard to keep the boat sailing straight. Also we see that the maximum roll angle that the boat obtains during this test ride is much smaller than that with 0.5 Hz. Therefore measuring noise is a bigger problem at higher frequencies.


Here you can find some pictures of the Solar Boat during competitions.

ECorace challenge
The boat during the Ecorace Challenge

In 2017 the TU Delft Solar Boat won the Ecorace Challenge in Belgium. This picture shows the roll angle the boat makes during a slalom race.