Portfoil Flying Taxi

Successful cities are often built around navigable waters, because before the age of trains, planes and cars, the most efficient way of transport was via water. As the industrial revolution proceeded and our modern era started, the roads became more clogged with fast cars, while the use of small and slow boats for passenger transport decreased.

With the Berthan Portfoil concept, the original backbones of the city will be brought back in function, by taking full advantage of the existing waterways. With Portfoil, people in port cities across the world will be able to travel quickly, comfortably, safely and in a clean way between docks all across their city’s metropolitan area.

The network of boats gives a boost to the sustainable, modern image of the city. It removes physical and psychological barriers for travel via water, thereby improving the integration between urban areas. Portfoil unites the city.

Portfoil can increases mobility around the waters of Amsterdam